Camp Dues

We are no longer waiting for placement!!!!

We will be at: Dance and 3:15

Camp dues are just  the initial part of our contribution/participation to Camposanto. This money goes directly to all aspects involved with  organizing a camp.    BE awesome!

Every Camposantero is expected to contribute at least the Basic. If you plan on leaving before the temple burns on Sunday night, go pico  rico or beso frances and contribute more as a hard working team is disassembling the camp and restoring the playa to its pristine form for you and they need beer. If you cannot afford the dues please talk to us.

Camp Dues

pico = $175.00

pico rico = $250.00

beso francés (couples) = $350.69

eso papi, dale rico = $500.00

orgiparty en el charter plane = $100,000.00 = $100K