Solar Power

We use solar-powered since 2010. We no longer have the access to the large number of panels we had in the past, but continue to produce enough power from our current mutant vehicle and the panels we have on top of the Cumbia trailer to cover mobility, a decent sound system, blender, lights, tools, cellphone charging, air pumps etc.

La Chiva Electrica; our mutant vehicle is one of the few solar beasts roaming and blasting sound at BRC; we detest noisy generators and love our pure sound at camp or around. As per radical inclusion, we do not detest non-noisy generators.

solar 2012 camposanto

chiva 2015 1

The system consists of:

One (1) Outback Power MATE Remote Monitor & Control

Two (2) – Junction boxes

Eight (8) – deep cycle 6v 340 amp hour batteries forming a theoretical 18 kWh storage unit.

One (1) – Outback power FX3648 pure sine wave inverter [1]

One (1) -Octopus junction box

One (1) 2000w sine inverter

One (1) -Midnite solar KID 30A charge controller.

Two (2) – MX60 Charge controllers [2]


Six (6) – 190w/h panels. 

Six (6) – 330w/h panels

Solar Power Grid History @ BRC

in 2010 we had 4 panels.
in 2011 we had 12 panels.
in 2012 we had 20 panels.
in 2013 we had 19 panels.
in 2014 we had 19 panels.
In 2015 we had 6 panels; on top of the Chiva.
In 2016 we had 6 panels; on top of the Chiva.
In 2017 we had 6 panels; on top of the Chiva
In 2018 we had 12 panels;  6 on top of the Chiva.
In 2019 we had 12 panels;  6 on top of the Chiva. In 2020 we had 12 panels; 6 on top of Chiva and 6 @ default world.

Apart from this system, we have smaller 12v panels charging independent deep cycle batteries for LED lights and other 12-volt stuff.

If interested in learning more about solar power do not hesitate to ask.

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