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Camposanto @ BRC 2020

Beer-in-Hand Soccer Championship

-Beer-in-Hand Futbol/Soccer @ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Latino Party –  Latin Beats, Salsa Merengue Cumbia Poder, drums. Dance and enjoy the beer in hand soccer games. Out typical Thursday Sunset Party. 18 years @ BRC

Salsa Lessons 24/7 all week. open bar 21+.


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Camposanto es territorio futbolero.

Hemos jugado futbol en la playa en 18 burningmans

In 2012 we used a glow in the dark ball and black light to stretch the futbol games into the night.  In 2013 we built the first official stadium of Black Rock City.  “El Monomental” .  In 2014 we took the world cup to playa with a little twist, no nations, no flags, just the joy for the sport… at a very fancy stadium. In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 we had a professionally measured futbol 5 field. In 2019 we played a lot of futbolito.

We do take special care of the field the whole year in order to have one of the  best sport arenas of Black Rock City.  Following the radical inclusion rule,  many other sports are practiced at the stadium during the day. Tejo, track and field, bola criolla, handball/footbal, saltimbanqui are just some, to name a few.


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