Chiva Electrica – Mutant Vechicle

La Chiva Electrica our Mutant vehicle will return to playa for the 6th year in a row in 2018!!!!

We invested in a solid new battery set for the chiva on 2016 that improved our mobility range and power sharing possibilities.

For 2018 we need your love and ideas to make Chiva incredible. A new charge controller, More lights, More sound 🙂 always.

Our solar mobility  experimental vehicle  not only will continue to represent the importance of the use of solar power among mutant vehicles to generate electricity while providing mobility to Black Rock City citizens; our self sufficient transportation will provide mobility solutions to camp mates with disabilities, natural age and or health related recovery efforts.

If you want to work on the chiva design, solar system improvements, lights or sound system please contact us via the facebook group.

If you want to donate to the chiva 2017 here is the link. $1 default world dollar or more can make the difference.

Image result for wheelchair sign

chiva 2015 1

chiva 2014 front

\chiva @ playa

solar chiva


chiva after 2014


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