In 2023 Solar Chiva will liberate all the Animals around Black Rock City; and may/or not travel to the year 2666 by using the Apocalyptic Portal. (if it fits*)


For 2023 and 2666 we just need your help to liberate “La Chiva” and all the other animals; so give your love 4 Chiva.

Our solar mobility experimental car will continue to represent the importance of the use of solar power among mutant vehicles to move around and generate electricity while providing mobility to Black Rock City citizens; our self-sufficient transportation provides mobility solutions to people with disabilities and natural age.

If you want to work on the Chiva design, solar system improvements, lights, or sound system please contact us.

If you want to donate to the Chiva @ 2023 Liberando Animales here is the link. $1 default world dollar or more can make a difference to help us liberate even more animals.

Just give all your cash to Solar Chiva! here is the link

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chiva 2015 1

chiva 2014 front

\chiva @ playa

solar chiva

chiva after 2014