In 2024 we will be at ? and ? + the apocalyptic portal + Chiva

Camp dues; are just the initial part of our contribution/participation to Camposanto. Camposanto needs a lot of money and beer all the time. Default World money goes directly to all aspects involved with organizing a camp at Black Rock City. Give your money and be ready to work your ass on playa. Money does not exists on playa.

Pay your Camposanto dues of $366.66

beso francés (couples = 2 people) = $666.66

orgipinata en el charter plane = $66.666.66

If you cannot pay your dues please talk to camp leadership ASAP.

Please pay as soon you know you are coming. We always welcome any extra donations.

Please pay at under the camp dues tab

Paying ASAP will help conquer logistical challenges.