Camposanto has a full kitchen for all Camposanteros.


We have water for the week, however, be resourceful and ready to self-reliance; so keep a few gallons in your car.

We have burnable paper plates for all meals.

We have compostable/burnable bamboo utensils for all meals.

As per radical reliance bring one cup, backup utensils, and plate. bring backup for cup and always label it; even the paper plates. Mark all your stuff with your name. LAVELIT

We have this

Potable Water for All
Paper Plates for All

Bamboo utensils for all


4 Campchef burners
1 Campchef top grill
1 Campshef top comal
Kitchen Utensils
13 Propane tanks
Fire extinguishers
Industrial kitchen sink.

The Berm

Water management is the #1 one priority at camp. be good and pay attention to this, short showers, beware of leaks, be ready to learn, and share your new knowledge.

We love to share incredible meals for all camposanteros and/or lucky bystanders, A menu for every day may be posted on the site.

We divide the week into cooking shifts and enjoy the most incredible meals.

If you plan to cook a large meal do an offering for all the camp (not scheduled before the event) just let us know.

Some simple rules:

Close the gas knob after every use.

Close the gas knob after every use.

Eat what you cook.

Close the gas knob after every use.

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