LA CUMBIA – Camp Support Trailer

After 2019 we got our shit together and purchased our new and beloved Cumbia Trailer.

In 2020 we installed the awesome rack.

In 2021 we installed a new solar system/dancing platform, on top of the trailer.

In 2022 we had the inaugural run of the Cumbia Trailer! A fucking Fridge and electricity in the kitchen!!!! Here is chiva pulling cumbia on playa you; that was epic!!!

In 2023 fucking Cumbia had a blown tire and damage to the suspension on their way to set Camposanto; efin crew repaired the thing on the side of the road and got to Playa!!! Cumbia is at the Tico Doctor now getting some love; so give your love to Cumbia!!! We are redoing/repositioning the solar battery and adding some better electrical components.

Thank you all!!!